Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sports and other things that push my buttons

What is it with men and sports? :) My life is an unending set of matches these days.

Here I am, watching Vijay Amritraj spouting sage advice on Wimbledon. A little earlier we were watching football. In between there's cricket. It's no exaggeration to say that I'm going completely insane, endlessly watching grown men run, jump, throw, catch, kick, hit, lob, and volley.

Of all the games on TV, though, the one I don't mind watching is tennis.

You know why? Not because it is a more interesting sport. But because at least in tennis, the crowds are *quiet*. There's no hooting and shouting, no crazy humming vuvuzelas, no frenzied whipping up of mob sentiment, no ugly nationalism, and no silly dances by half naked women.

Tennis seems - dare I say it - a pastime for the civilized. There is the quiet announcement of the score, the clapping at the end of each point, the well-behaved boys and girls who pick up the balls with minimum fuss...and most blessed of all, the absolute silence when the serve begins. It all seems designed to ensure you enjoy the beauty of the game itself.

I suppose I am being elitist? So be it. I'm not apologetic. Who wants to listen to this nonsense for four hours in a day?

Actually, the more I look at my adverse reaction to football-mania, the more I realise that it is only a reflection of my intense dislike for mobs.

I. Absolutely. Detest. Mobs. Large groups of people hollering about anything - be it sports or religion - set my teeth on edge. Having lived through the enormous mind-numbing violence of communal riots, I have a deep-rooted hatred and fear of large groups of brainwashed people. Of course, sports fans are nothing like the super-crazy-mobs that religions unleash. But they still make me uncomfortable.

Sigh. Sorry to vent. The tennis match is ending now, and Nadal just won. The prize ceremony was set up with minimum fuss, less than five minutes after the last serve. Here he is, making his little speech.

I better go have dinner. That Wolverine movie is coming up soon. It's the husband's turn to put up with stuff now :)


poosha said...

I so agree... Tennis is such an elegant game :) But surely you enjoy soccer as well... never mind the vuvuzelas!

Sunil said...

What's sports without passion and emotion....??
personal opinion but I like it the opposite way....

Unknown said...

But only football had Paul the octopus with the secret sagely smile. Surely, you liked that

Haddock said...

Agree on that crazy humming vuvuzelas. One of the reasons why I sit far away from the TV when my son (and wife) puts on the football match.
As for the silence in Tennis, I think it could be because it started with Wimbledon and some one from the royal family will be in the audience and we can't have all that hooting and shouting in front of her highness can we?

Divya Shankar said...

Your comments on football,cricket are hilarious and yes, the elitist like tone in reasons for loving tennis are well stated. Nice, offbeat post :)