Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paranthe Wali Galli

People are always asking me about Paranthewali Galli. What's it like? What do they serve? Is it really as tasty as they say it is?
So here's an inside look at paratha making in Paranthewali Galli - you decide if it tempts you enough to go there!

. . Step 1 - Pre-preparation - grated vegetables for stuffing the paratha.
This guy was sitting on one side of a small shop, grating vegetables. The photo above has grated cauliflower. Other stuffings include potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese, peas, pulses, dry fruits...even sweet rabri. Very innovative.

Step 2 - A handful of the right stuffing
The ingredients for the paratha are are all laid out in trays. Depending on the order placed, a full handful of the right stuffing is used. In some parathas, the stuffing is a mix of multiple ingredients...I ordered a mix vegetable paratha that had paneer also in it.

Step 3 - Adding spices
Spices are added from the spice tray - cumin powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, masala. Green chillies and ginger also often added. I didn't see onion or garlic, though. Perhaps because the shop is Brahmin, and this locality has many Jains as well (check out the nearby Jain Naughara if you can).
Step 4 - Rolling the paratha
The paratha is then rolled in a dough that is wheat-based. The stuffing and spices go inside. There was an assistant helping with patting the dough into flat circles. You can also see the green chillies and ginger tray in this photo.

Step 5 - Now comes the deep-frying!
The paratha is then deep-fried in ghee. Instead of a flat griddle, here in Paranthe Wali Galli, they use a curved pan.

Step 6 - The paratha comes out brown and crisp on the outside, steaming hot
More like a puri than a paratha, actually :) Check out the amount of ghee in the pan!

Step 7 - It is served with accompaniments
You can see their interesting mixed vegetable pickle in this photo. Other accompaniments include a potato and peas curry, potato and methi curry etc. There are some chutneys as well, although I don't know what they are.

Step 7 - The runner boy pickups the hot parathas and takes them inside the "restaurant"
Check out the guy in the background licking his fingers!