Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Kotpad saree from Dastkar Nature Bazaar

There are only 8 families in the world practicing the traditional tribal craft of Kotpad weaving. I was delighted to meet Jema and Gobardhan Panika from Kotpad village, Koraput, Odisha at Dastkar Nature Bazaar. They are both National Award winners for their weaves.

The red colour comes from the roots of the aal tree (Indian Madder). Shades of red, maroon and dark brown can be obtained depending on the ageing of the madder and the way the dye is processed (under the sun, in clay pots). Black is developed by adding powdered kumhar-pathar (sulphate of iron; they buy it from blacksmiths).

This white-red-black saree will be one of my most treasured buys. 

Kotpad weave is done using pit looms, which are at floor level, with a sunken pit where there is a foot-operated pedal. Weaving motifs are geometrical, but also drawn from nature - tortoises, crabs, birds and what not. See the photo below; these are dupattas. You can see the popular axe motif at the bottom, making a proud statement of the tribe's roots in the forest. 

Here is another set of stoles:

They can be reached at +91 9938294630 or +91 09938575524.
Sri Gobardhan Panika, National Awardee
Smt. Jema Panika, National Awardee
Mirgan Street, Kotpad - 764058, District Koraput, Odisha, India.


Sumita said...

Thanks for the share. Keen to own a Kotpad creation, will now have to wait for the next Dastkar event!

SP said...

Hey i love dastkar nature bazaar have tonnes of clothes from there. feel they have gone a bit expensive now though !

Deepa said...

The rates are not decided by Dastkar Nature Bazaar.

Lekhni said...

Thanks a lot...Deepa ..for such a valuable information.

Unknown said...

Such a valuable info...thanks a lot !

RS said...

so when is the next dakar event and where?

Deepa said...

Dear RS - Dastkar Nature Bazaar has a permanent location at Andheria Mod, Delhi