Friday, June 29, 2007

Who so holds Delhi, holds India

In her book The Voice of the Orient, Kate Ellen Tibbits, an Englishwoman living in India in the 1900's wrote, "Who so holds Delhi, holds India".

It's not hard to see why. Successive waves of conquerors - Persians, Mongols and Englishmen - used Delhi as the seat of their power, making the city a glittering symbol of pomp and wealth. If Delhi fell, their empires fell. As long as Delhi held fast, their rule continued unchallenged.

This blog is a tribute to Delhi, Queen of Cities - her gloriously decadent past, her vibrant streets, her markets and her people.

I hope you'll enjoy reading it, as much I enjoy writing it. Keep dropping in!

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Anonymous said...

many southern indians will disagree vehemently with 'who so holds delhi, holds india'. that sounds mighty imperialistic and has no resonance with millions of tamilians like myself who are culturally very distant from the moghals and numerous other invaders who made delhi their capital.