Friday, June 29, 2007

Hairbraids, Delhi-style

Outside Dilli Haat, a group of enterprising Rajasthani women run a hair-braiding service. I saw several college girls sitting there, having their hair braided.

If you have fifteen minutes to spare, you could try it! First, you find a pleasant spot under the banyan tree. Then you pick, from a wide range of coloured threads, two colors for your hair.

That's it. The hard work's over. Now all you do is sit back, look pretty, and let the braider work her magic. First she separates a little portion of your hair, into a small braid. Then she begins wrapping the coloured threads round and round.

There's a breeze, and your hair's flying in it, but the braiding goes on uninterrupted. It's the CD, you see?

CD? What CD? If you look out of the corner of your eye, you'll see the CD that the lady uses to hold your hair back! I think that's Katrina Kaif on the cover, in a movie titled 'Unfaithful'. I tell you, there's technology lurking everywhere.


Rohit said...

great photos! both the content and the keen eye! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

can u tell me which delhi haat is this one?? the one near aaims or the one near ina market??

Anonymous said...

All of them have it.. INA has the bedt one though!

RG said...

How much does it cost???

Unknown said...

Depend of hair length.start just 30 rs only