Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Textile tour in Delhi

Last month we had a very interesting textile workshop in Delhi, for a group of visitors from the USA. We visited the home of one of my friends, who is a textile designer. 

The tour began with an audio-visual presentation, an introduction to Indian textiles. We explained many different types of weaves, embroideries and printing traditions to the guests. They also tried their hand at draping a saree. A lovely evening, great conversation, and delightful snacks. Here are a couple more photos from the tour. I'm looking forward to more of these tours in future!


Swarn Krita said...

Hi, Nice concept of a textile tour ... indeed India is home to so many different weaves and its a good introduction to people from outside.

Kathryn said...

I wish you had had one of these tours when I was in India two years ago. Delhi Magic gave us many insights into India today and yesterday, and I would have loved to add this. A wonderful idea. Thank you and your staff again for some very special memories