Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moolchand Paranthewala - total paisa vasool

Every taxi driver in Delhi knows that when night-time hunger pangs hit you, the place to go is Moolchand.

Nondescript thela, favourite night haunt of all truckers, cab drivers, and late night party fiends

Paratha in progress - scalded by fire. The flames go whoosh, and the paratha turns out crisp and brown

The assistant at the back rolls out the parathas and tosses it in one smooth movement, it lands unerringly on the far edge of the pan.

Then the guy with the tongs moves them around. Four or five parathas are usually underway at a time, because there's always demand. The anda-paratha is popular, so there's always a stock of eggs.

Hot parathas stacked, waiting to be handed to a long list of buyers.
Lots of people eat here, but many people come and take-away stuff too.

Usual accompaniment - a simple but delicious raita ladled out in plastic cups

Trademark garnish - fried chillies and chaat masala

We ordered the basic aloo paratha. It arrived so hot that we scalded our fingers. We wolfed it down in seconds.
Absolutely delicious. I'm definitely going back again!

Post script 2015: Moolchand has now moved near the Moolchand Metro station, near Cafe Coffee Day. See the Zomato entry for map location, phone number etc.


Arvind said...

This brought back memories of my Delhi days! The parathas keep disappearing..
One more good place for parathas is the highway on the way to Sonepat (Haryana)...lots of unpretentious dhabas, but amazing food!

Sunil said...

Mouthwatering !!
I love the anda paranthas at moolchand.

Sunil said...

Mouthwatering !!
I love the anda paranthas at moolchand.

Divya Shankar said...

The basic aloo paratha in the last pic looks yummy, appears actually "more than basic" delight for the taste buds. Can you please let me know where Moolchand paratha is located, will be of use when I next visit Delhi. Thanks

Vidya said...

Hi Deepa

Recently came across your amazing
and read all of the posts !! Where exactly is this paranthewala located. Would you have any recommendations(your top 3/5 picks) for some authentic south indian vegetarian food in Delhi. Any store recommendations for salwar/kameez/kurtis etc. in the Lajpat Nagar/Sarojini Market/South Ext/Khan market areas.

Thanks so much

Shalini said...

Oooh, you've brought back so many memories of stopping here after partying! And for some ice cream on the flyover too!

I came to your blog after a search for manipur pottery and found so much more. Very interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

yes guys its total paisa wasool hai .. i love it and i miss it .. coz i am in sweden ..:(

chirag jain said...

moolchand parathawala is at just below of moolchand metro station , and lagpat nagar 4 , old double story market is a gud nd large palace to find a range of ledies kurti nd pajami e.t.c. .

Unknown said...

what is your phone number

Anonymous said...

THe road from ITO towards Chirag have to take the left diversion road when you reach the ring road intersection. From that diversion go straight across the signal and take first left. You will see a huge crowd enjoying paranthas and a giant tawa in which all these paranthas are made.

Viren Rana said...

Super Duper mind blowing Exp. Of delhi magic moolchand Parantha wid Rayta.. Awesome...