Saturday, April 2, 2011

Delhi watches cricket

World Cup fever has completely taken over. Everywhere I went, the only thing people were talking about was the game, the game, the game.

Overheard at Defence Colony: A debate about where to watch the match. I think they went to Adderwaza finally.

Drivers and guards at Dilli Haat: Deeply thankful that the memsahibs are taking a lot of time over shopping!

Brisk sales at the booze shop at SDA Market. Check out the number of cases and cartons lying around!

Post script: Aaaaaaaaaand the boys in blue have brought home the World Cup! The whole country is going to be partying now.


Haddock said...

Like one of my office collegue who was out in the streets that night, mentioned :for the firt time I felt that we ar one nation. A man from his Mercedez Benz comes out and shakes hands with any one who is willing to shake hand with him"
And then there was a bigger eclipse that overshadowed that. And that is the Anna Hazare effect.

Arun Kumar said...

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