Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Future is Here

Palmist and Astrologer, at Hanuman Mandir. The board advertises that he reads palms and foreheads. "Full information" will be provided, for a fee.

The blessings of the Gods are with him. In fact, in one little board, the man acknowledges the entire gamut of Hindu Gods - there is a "Ram Ram" and a "Hari" to mollify Vaishnavites, a "Nama Shivaya" for the Shaivaites, and a "Jai Maa Kali" for those who are partial to Shakti. Very neat. All Gods included, in a religious democracy of sorts.

At the bottom there is "Shri Guru Dev Ji", an acknowledgment of the blessings of his Guru. I wonder who he was, the man who passed on his knowledge and craft to this guy.

Hanuman Mandir is not far from Connaught Place, you can get there easily in an autorickshaw. It is an interesting place, with multiple temples, and lots of little shops and stalls.

If you do go there, check out this guy. And let me know if he's just a clever little fox, or someone who really knows his craft!

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