Sunday, July 22, 2007

Speaking of costumes...

I wrote earlier about the salwar kameez being very graceful - but hey, let's admit it. The Indian ghagra-choli - long skirt and blouse - is sexier by far.

The choli is a short blouse that is open at the back, and only has strings to tie it together. The ghagra is a skirt like no other. Feminine. Voluminous. Swirly. Colourful.

I was in Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary, when I spotted this group of women walking by. The forest roads were endless, and it was really hot, but they were not bothered in the least. The skirts were swaying with every step. Isn't Rajasthan incredible?


Anonymous said...

There was always this theory amongst my male friends that one of the reasons for the pure grace u find in the gait of indian women was the dress, sarees, ghagras etc., The shift to salwar and jeans is making their gait less graceful. Now this could be right or wrong. It could even be called sexist, But in these days of political correctness, I was wondering if anybody would like to comment on whether this theory is right, without going into whether I am a pig, the male chauvinist or any other kind that the ladies might want to describe me as.

Deepa said...

ragz, all I know is that I *feel* sexier in a ghagra. There's something about that heavy skirt, the way it hugs the waist, the way it moves.

- Deepa

Shastri said...

Hi Deepa,

Wanted to check: is 1 day sufficient in Ranthambore?
I plan to arrive in Sawai Madhopur in the night, stay over, have all of next day for Ranthambore, and then leave that evening from Sawai Madhopur to Jaipur.
Please advise!


Deepa said...

Dear Shastri -

There are two safaris in Ranthambhore, one morning and one evening.

After the evening safari, it's usually dark and it's not advisable to drive 4 hours to Jaipur

You should think in terms of how many safaris you can do. I feel that a minimum of 3 safaris is required to ensure reasonable chances of sighting.