Sunday, July 24, 2011

Safari on the Chambal River - weekend getaway from Delhi

If you enjoy the outdoors and birding, then I would highly recommend spending a night at the Chambal Safari Lodge near Agra.

Motorboats in which you go on the Chambal River

Chambal Safari Lodge. Not luxurious, but very peaceful and gracious.

Our knowledgeable guide knew exactly how to approach wildlife
(without letting the motor scare them off, and he was a good birder as well)

The seats are fortunately not wooden slats :) There is some cushioning!

And the sightings are excellent!

We saw lots and lots of birds, even though we went at the end of the season when the lodge was almost closing up for summer. The last of the winter migrants were still in evidence. My old camera was simply not good enough for anything but the most basic of photos so I've only posted a couple above. I saw my first sighting of the graceful sarus cranes here. The National Chambal Sanctuary includes over 300 species of birds, both resident and migratory. It is home to the rare Indian skimmer, and also the place where you can see the gharial (in the pic above) and crocodiles. We also saw turtles.

Apart from the river safari, the Lodge also organises nature walks, camel safaris, horse safaris, jeep safaris and village visits. They also organise excursions to the nearby Bateshwar temples. I wish I had more time! I would have liked to explore this area in a more relaxed manner.

But really, even if all you have is a weekend, Chambal Safari Lodge is really a lovely way to spend it! There are only a limited number of cottages, this is not a place for someone who wants air-conditioning or 24x7 room service, but it's a great place for all nature lovers. Do read more about all their environment-friendly practices as well as the contributions they are making to eco-sensitive tourism before you visit!


Peenuts said...

Can u provide contact details as well or url of their website (if any). Also whts the best time to visit?

Motty said...


Good reading! So checked out the web site too!

Motty ( Alleppey, Kerala)

kushwaha said...

chambal ki yah bangee baat kare do took Eak haath Moochchh hai to dusre Haath Bandook


This blog was fascinating. My grandfather took a cruise down the Chambal River in 1949 and he made a diary of everyday. I recently released it as a kindle book to share his experiences of this truly magnificent place.

Perhaps your blog readers would be interest it is called "A Cruise Down The Chambal River, India in 1949 - The Fascinating Diary Kept By My Grandfather During His Indian Adventures"

sharon said...

Loved every minute of this wonderfully relaxing cruise down a beautiful river. Great wildlife. Great guide. Got great photos!