Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the road from Shimla...

We're hurtling down the Shivalik mountains in an Innova. Ranjit Singh, our driver, is a madman on a mission - to get us to Chandigarh by 2 pm for our flight back home.

Shimla was surprising and interesting in many ways...we stayed at Chalets Naldhera, away from all the bustle of Shimla. More when we get back home!

P.S. It rained last night in Shimla. This morning, the pine and cedar trees were sharp and clear against a blue sky.

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Kat said...

Thrilled reading the opening line... All of you must've had a great time....

the CN's web-site says "... This is a place for leisure, recreation, family and corporate bonding, adventure, golf and the works. This is not just a place where the ‘room has a view’, but where every window has a different view."

waiting eagerly for the update.... and do sprinkle it with lots of pics, for which your blog is famous for :-)))