Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Khadar ki Ladkiyan - Girls from Khadar

Khadar ki Ladkiyan (Girls from Khadar) is a freestyle song written, sung and performed by girls living on the fringes of Delhi.

They have been evicted from slums inside the city, and now live on the city's far edges, with difficulty accessing the areas where they earlier lived, studied and worked. This song contains their personal stories, tales of their experiences negotiating their lives in Delhi.

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As songs go, the awkwardness of this one is illustrative of how difficult it is for Indian girls to be defiant. Watch the video, you'll see what I mean. The messages are of anger and defiance, but the body language reflects an inner restraint which comes from cultural conditioning.

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But, it is a message that reflects the India of today, a message of urban dystopia. Our so-called smart and beautiful cities are becoming increasingly exclusionary. The lack of access to good public infrastructure and safe transport hits young women hard.

This story needs to be heard. And it needs to be heard from the mouths of the girls whom it affects. I'm glad these girls are telling it in their voices.

Here is the video:

Photos are from the video.
The video was funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK
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